T-shirt Storm- SKU and Barcode Setup

SKU and Barcode Setup

The SKU and BARCODE setup are a vitally important part of setting up your products correctly. They not only help identify your artwork (barcode) to make sure it doesn't get printed incorrectly, but they also tell us which blank garment YOU would like us to use for a product (SKU).

For those of you who are on Shopify, you'll want to make sure both the SKU and BARCODE are added to each product.

**For those of you on other platforms, you may only have the option to add one of these, either the SKU or Barcode. This is completely fine. No matter which option you have make sure to add the SKU format that is shown below. Which will include a 6-character code, blank type and garment color.

How It Should Look

BARCODE - The barcode should be a 6-character code that is made up of only numbers and capital letters. This code should be randomly generated. We recommend using passwordsgenerator.net. 

Here is an example: 

You'll notice that the barcode is very simple and only contains randomly generated numbers and capital letters.

SKU - The SKU will actually contain the same 6-character code used in the barcode but we will be adding to it. The SKU will also include the type of blank your brand uses as well as the color of the garment. 

Here is an example:

You'll notice the SKU starts with the 6-character code, the blank type (which is the Gildan Hammer) and lastly the color of the garment which is Black in this case. 

Here is how it translates: 6-character code - Garment Style # - Color of Garment

*If you don't know your Garment style # then please reach out to us to find out.

Wrapping Up

Adding the SKU and/or Barcode is pretty straight forward. If you're on Shopify then you'll be adding both of these to your product. If you're not on Shopify then you'll only be using the SKU in the SKU or Barcode section of your product, whichever one is available. Try not to overthink it and if you guys have any questions, please give us a call anytime (800 403-0511).

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