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PRO: $149 ($1 discount per item)
PREMIUM: $349 ($2 discount per item)


Our biggest printer platens are 16in x 20in, but our MAX print size is 15.5in x 19.5in. Front graphics can be 20 inches from the bottom of the collar, and back prints can be maxed out. Max print size, however, will always be dictated by the proportions of your graphics. For example, if your graphic is 15.5in wide x 17in tall, it will print at that size because we can't make the graphic any larger width-wise because it's already at our max width.

-These prices do not include neck label application.
-We charge more for prints that use excessive amounts of ink. See charts below for price ranges based on print locations and sizes.
-Pricing may be higher for other blanks, ie: Comfort Colors, Hanes Beefy, etc...
-All pricing is subject to change without notice.
-This is not an exhaustive list of our print sizes, print areas, or products that we offer.

***The info on this page is to give you a ballpark idea of our pricing structure so that you can gauge if we're potentially the guys for you. If you're intimidated by any of the pricing on this page, then your brand is most likely not a good fit for membership to our services.