Product Weights

Product Weights

Product weights play an important role in making sure your customers pay the correct amount for shipping. By making sure you add the correct weight for each variant/size, you give Shopify the information for it to use your customers shipping address at checkout and the weight of the items in their cart to charge almost the exact cost of shipping their order.


1. Small mens shirts start at 6 oz. and go up 1 oz. per size.

Ex. Small is 6 oz., Medium is 7 oz., Large is 8 oz.


2. Small womens shirts start at 4 oz. and go up 1 oz per size.

Ex. Small is 4 oz., Medium is 5 oz., Large is 6 oz.


3. Small Midweight hoodies start at 16 oz. and go up 2 oz.'s per size.

Ex. Small is 16 oz., Medium is 18 oz., Large 20 oz. 


4. Small Heavyweight hoodies start at 22 oz. and go up 2 oz. per size.

Ex. Small is 22 oz., Medium is 24 oz., Large 26 oz.