The 5 Steps You Need When Making A Product

What are the 5 steps?

The 5 steps are essential steps that help us track, fulfill and print your orders correctly. They each contribute a unique part to the fulfillment process and ensure your orders will be printed and shipped to your customers correctly. All of these steps must be done for each product you plan on selling, if they are not done then you cannot start selling. Failure to do these 5 steps may lead to production errors that can result in a 3-5 day delay in fulfillment time. With that being said, lets get into it! 


1. Location is set to T-shirt Storm Fulfillment

This is by far the most important step. By changing the location of the product to T-shirt Storm Fulfillment, this tells Shopify that the product will be coming from us. If we are fulfilling a product, the only location that should be checked off should be ours. All other locations should be checked off. If only you are fulfilling orders for a product a given product then the location should be set to just to your location

How To:

Click Edit -> Edit Locations -> Check off "T-shirt Storm Fulfillment" only -> Click Done


2. Quantities for each variant set to 1,000

By setting each variant/size to 1,000 this tells Shopify that for every size there are 1,000 units. This ensures that you will not sell out immediately and allows us to track and be notified of new orders as they come in.

How To:

Click Edit -> Edit Quantities -> Enter "1000" into the top section -> Click Apply To All -> Click Done


3. Barcode and  SKU code set for each variant

The Barcode and SKU code play a critical role in the production of your items. The Barcode tells us our production team what to print since we use it to identify your artwork. We use the Barcode to name your artwork as well as create print settings so your items get printed the same every time. The SKU code biggy backs off the Barcode. Unlike the Barcode, the SKU code lets our production team know what blanks to use for your items an what color it should be. 

How To For Barcode:

Click Edit -> Edit Barcode -> Enter the same barcode for every size -> Click Done

How To SKU code:

Click Edit -> Edit SKU's -> Enter the same SKU code for every size -> Click Done

*Not sure how to make the Barcode/SKU? It's okay! Take a deep breath and click this link: 




4. Variant Image (This step only applies for items that have a front and back)

The variant image is an image that you get to assign to each variant/size. The variant image should have the front and back design in one photo and assigned to each variant/size. The image you assign to each size is what gets printed out on the paperwork that our production team uses to get your items ready to print. By showing an image that has both sides of the item, our production teams knows to get both sides of the item ready to print. If this step is not done, you run the risk of an item getting printed and shipped with only one side since we will not know it has more than one print location.

How To:

Scroll to your variants/sizes section -> To the left of each size there's a square w/ an icon that has a plus sign -> Click the icon -> Upload/Choose the image that has the front and back design in one photo -> Click Done -> Repeat this for every size


5. Product Weights

This step let's Shopify know how much each product and size weighs. This is a critical element if your shipping rates are "calculated rates." This means Shopify calculates the cost of shipping using the customers shipping address (at checkout) and the weight of products to charge them accordingly for shipping. This means you don't have to guess or try to charge your customers correctly, Shopify will do it for you!

How To:

Hover your mouse over the row of your first variant -> It should turn grey -> Click on the row and a new page will open -> Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the "Shipping" section -> Enter the correct weight -> Click Save -> Scroll to the top of the page and repeat these steps for other sizes. 

*Don't know the weights of items? We got you! Click Here: 



*If you have any questions about the product setup or recommendations on how we can improve it, then please send an email to